• Booking your wedding date is done through registration at least 4 months before the wedding.
  • For Registration, you need the following documents;
  • Certificate of Baptism and Confirmation.
  • Introductory letter from your Parish Priest if you are not from this Parish.
  • Letter of consent to the wedding by the parents of the bride.
  • Copy of your National ID or Passport
  • Registration is done in the Parish Office before the Parish Priest or his delegate.
  • The couple must attend Marriage Instructions together.
  • We shall help you to complete the Sacraments of initiation in case you did not complete.
  • The Non Catholic Partner will attend instructions in the doctrine of the Catholic faith.
  • Arrange with the Parish Priest to take Marriage Banns to your Parish. Remember to bring them back before you’re your wedding date.
  • Identify two witnesses who will sign your marriage certificate and they should be wedded. They are required to bring a copy of their Marriage Certificate.
  • Rehearsals, confessions, reception of sacraments are normally done two days before the wedding.
  • You will be required to present to present a bouquet of flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary on your wedding day.
  • The Parish will assign you a Priest to officiate at your wedding & a Choir to sing at your wedding.
  • Your Bestman and Matron should be receiving Holy Communion.
  • On your wedding day, it is good to offer some gifts to the Church in thanksgiving to God. The gifts may include Alter wine, Hosts, Candles, Money, Fruits, food items, cleaning materials, Animals etc.
  • Church Decoration arrangement contact  Julie   0779-886666
  • You are most welcome
  • 0414-221777 - Parish Office
  • 0773-230620 – Fr. Anthony Kimbowa Kibira (Parish Priest)
  • 0702-337711 - Joseph Lutwa (Parish Administrator)

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