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Mission statement of Lidia Macchi Youth Centre Bugolobi Mbuya Parish.

Lidia Macchi Youth Centre is a Christian Catholic founded institution, started in 1989, recognized by the Archdiocese of Kampala, and is part of Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Catholic Church.

The major goals of the Youth Centre are; to foster responsible Youth and good leadership based on Sound Christian values and good morals through the integral formation of male and female Youth.

Among other activities we have: Bible sharing, Bible study, professional Counseling, debates, talks and discussions on current affairs and other general issues.

Drama, Music, Singing and Video shows will also have to help the growth and development of Christian values in the Youth.

Indoor and Outdoor sports activities are regarded as a significant means to develop good human relationship and integration among Youth Coming from different Cultural, religious and social backgrounds.

Our Motto: “Get the best out of your Youth” Has to be understood according to the goals and regulations of the Youth Centre.

The Youth Centre was built through the help of benefactors and it is maintained through the Contribution of Mbuya Parish, our Centre activities (Library, Seminars, Weddings) and other free contributions therefore it is not among its goals only to be an income generating institution.

 Autobiography of Lidia Macchi (1966-1987)

Was born in Varese (Italy) February 28th, 1966 after having participated in various scout activities, she became involved in the movement of Students Youth and of Communion and Liberation to which she remained devoted during College years, which she spent at the Law School of the State University of Milan.

One evening of January 5th 1987, Lidia disappeared. She did not return home after having gone to visit a girl friend that was under care at the hospital of Cittiglio.

After a night and day of searching her body, marred by numerous knife-wounds, was found on a street close to the hospital.

For the wishes of the family, the “Lidia Macchi Foundation” was formed in Varese on February 28th, 1987, as was proposed, as the groups charter asserts to “collect funds in order to promote, plan and sustain financially and morally all of the initiatives that have the end of making the Africans, and in particular the Ugandans, know the simple truth that sustained the Life of Lidia.

In addition, the Foundation will place special emphasis in the initiatives in the agricultural, sanitary and Educational sectors, and will be able to direct its efforts in all fields in which the group’s scope can be realized.

The first contribution sent to the Foundation these months from every part of Italy have been set aside for their construction of the Youth Centre in the Parish of Mbuya in Kampala, in the African Country in which some of Lidia’s friends having been working as volunteers for years.

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